How to search for a campsite

These pages are here to give you as much information as possible on camps in the Czech Republic and their surroundings in order to help you to choose the right place for your holiday. 

The pages will give you information on camps of the Camp Sites Association of the Czech Republic (marked with  camping- člen společenstva on the map) as well as of all the others (marked with camping- nečlen on the map).


Of course, all search functions are accessible to everybody, without the necessity of registration.

You can use several ways to search a suitable camp:


A)  A particular camp. 

If you know it, please enter the name or address of the camp you are looking for and click on ‘Search’.


B)  On the map

Please select/zoom the area of the CR where you want to search a camp. You can use also maps of tourist regions.


C)  By services and facilities. 

Please mark within the Basic and Advanced search options what services must not be missing in a camp in any case. And either globally the whole group only – then the camps meeting the criteria will be found (that have at least one service out of the given group, e.g. they offer bathing), or you can even specify the items exactly (e.g. a camp only that has a heated outdoor swimming pool and a wading pool).

Immediately on making changes (on the map cut or in the service specification) you will see how many camps meet the given criteria. Their locations are shown on the map and they are listed together with basic information at the bottom at the same time. On clicking on the selected camp you will go to the detail display. 

D)  In the surroundings of interesting places.

Please find the places you want to visit (castles, natural attractions, bathing places, ZOOs, where to go for sports and fun, etc.) on the Bohemia Info (Česko info) menu. When the detail of the given point of interest is displayed, you will see also the camps lying in their surroundings.


For your maximum orientation, a little orange map of the Czech Republic will attend on you on our pages which will always show you immediately in which part of the republic you are now (where the camp, point of interest, or centre of the Google map being just displayed is situated).


Most of the information is edited directly by the owners/operators of camps and they are fully responsible for them. In spite of it, if you however find any information that does not correspond with your personal experience, we shall be pleased you to report it to us.

It would also be welcomed to us if you share your experience in a stay in some of the mentioned facilities in the ‘Comments/Reviews’ section.